I have been a runner for several years and hired Roland to help me train for the New York City Marathon. The training plan that Roland developed for me helped me to rapidly improve my pace and gain confidence in my ability to complete long distance runs. Roland and I communicated on a weekly basis and he was always quick to respond to my questions. I suffered an injury shortly before race day so I did not get the time I had been aiming for. However I honestly believe that if I had not completed the training with Roland, I would not have had the willpower to complete the race at all.


Roland is very patient and in the group training setting he pays equal amounts in coaching to each individual. A great camaraderie develops during the team training. He freely shares his knowledge and is very thorough, precise and patient. Roland taught me some extremely useful techniques to help me overcome my overwhelming anxiety. I am still amazed at how relaxed prepared I felt on the day of my triathlon.