What is RKR Training? RKR Training is a multi-sports coaching service focused on training swimmers, runners, and triathletes to achieve their best performance possible on race day.

      • Online/Offline coaching
      • Clear Communication
      • Able To Simplify Complex Terminology
      • Multilingual
      • Training plans customized to your schedule


What do I offer? Through weekly interaction with each athlete, I design and adapt training plans to meet the specific needs of each individual athlete. To support the training plan, tailored information on topics that can enhance performance are also provided. I help people achieve their sports performance goals in events such as triathlons, marathons, distance swims, and/or maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Quality over quantity

Training smart is way more valuable than just training hard.

Health over injury

While working towards achieving athletic goals, I will always be sensitive to your health and wellbeing. No goal should prevail over your health.

Your Training Plan over a Training Plan

The Training Plan is developed to accommodate family and work needs.


Regular contact between athlete and coach is key. Follow-up, feedback and guidance are critical for successful training.

Positive over negative

Life happens. I like to support my athletes in seeing the positive side of things, especially when something doesn’t go according to plan.

I enjoy coaching, sharing new knowledge, and seeing athletes reach their objectives. I always welcome the challenge associated with reaching a new goal, participating in a new event, and more so, improving oneself.


Who am I? I am a certified US Master Swimming (Level III), USA Track & Field (Level 1), and Road Runners Club of America (Level I) coach. I enjoy teaching and training others and I’m convinced that having a certified coach can significantly improve an athlete’s performance by providing guidance, support and motivation.

My experience as an athlete began over 15 years ago when I joined a Masters Swim team. Over the years, I progressed to become a triathlete by adding running and biking to my competitive endeavors. Now, I am an avid triathlete.

As a late comer to the sport, I have personally experienced and understand the process of becoming a triathlete as an adult. As a result, my top priority while coaching athletes is their personal wellness and health over a performance target.

I welcome the opportunity to help you to achieve your highest athletic potential in future events.


“Roland is a great coach. He communicates regularly, answers questions quickly and knowledgeably, and provides the subtle motivation that has me doing more than I would have thought possible. Roland listens to my feedback and readily changes my training plan if needed. He genuinely cares about his athletes and understands the balance between training and family/work.”




RKR Training is a multi-sports coaching service focused on training triathletes, swimmers and runners to achieve their best performance possible on race day.